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Roguematch is a turn-based dungeon exploring Roguelite fused with Match-3 mechanics, giving the adventurer an extra layer of strategy to defeat monsters and clear out obstacles.


Grid-based room, turn based action.

Plan your moves carefully, run, fight, cast spells or combine Mana!


Explore the shielded castle!

Who erected the shield around the castle, and then grew a mountain around it? Why do the rooms keep shifting around? Why is there a ridiculous amount of mana everywhere?


The Castle is flooded with Mana!

Guide and unite raw mana to damage enemies or to absorb them so that you can cast spells. Combining them in certain ways will cause special reactions to happen.


Meet up with new allies and make use of their unique skills!

Meet the Far Jumping Bungeoneer, the Cat summoning Nekomancer, the Shield Bashing Paladinu, and more!


Discover over a hundred magic items in the castle.

Weapons of great power. Scrolls containing powerful spells. Artifacts that manipulate raw magic. The items you get will change the way you fight each time you go through the castle. Many items confer stat bonuses to you as well, making you a hardier adventurer.


Encounter monsters from the elemental realms.

Face 20+ bosses from the elemental realms, each with their own attack patterns and weaknesses! Avoid the Orochill ice blasts! Break out of the Cementicore cement attacks! Dodge the Lavaiathan burning body ram!


This was just supposed to be a simple fetch quest!

The Nekomancer was just looking for the Nekonomicon! Nobody said anything about getting into a whole lot of trouble!

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